Pettis In The Gap

The Revenge of the 1986 California Angels.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Three Games In KC

Predicitions for this weekends' series:

1. The Angels lose tonight's game but bounce back to take two of three.

2. Erstad gets back on track.

3. McPherson hits two home runs.

4. Figgins finally gets more time in center.

5. All of my predictions are wrong.

Now That Was A Trip To The Woodshed!

Observations from yesterday's game:

1. Ervin Santana's default pitch is a belt-high fastball, middle of the plate. He might want to work on that.

2. Itzuris' ball was a home run. The Angels got screwed there.

3. That (Vladi and Garret) was the first time this season that any Angels had gone yard in back-to-back fashion.

4. They should have been playing "Pinball Wizard" over the PA, the ball was everywhere. Geez can the Rangers hit.

5. Peralta and Woods were thrown under the bus.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Three Out of Four

Predictions for today's game:

1. Ervin Santana pitches just well enough to get a W.

2. Figgy gets Figgy. He'll make at least one very impressive play in centerfield.

3. GA has a big day (yes, I'm sticking with this prediction). Happy 33rd birthday G.A.

4. Jose Molina gets that hit I was talking about yesterday.

5. KROD records a save in dominant fashion. It's been a while! (And, personally, I'm tired of watching his heart-attack inducing ninth innings.

6. The Angels will continue their ownership of Chris Young.

Different Outcome

Observations about last night's game:

1. Molina probably needs to put his chest on the wild pitch that allowed Teixera to move into scoring position. His insistence on backhanding balls in the dirt will be a thorn in this team's side until someone addresses it.

2. That umpire had one fucked-up strike zone.

3. Dallas McPherson hit a tough pitch to a very deep part of the tie the game in the top of the ninth. The kid is for real. Hopefully his injury has healed completely and he's back in the lineup today.

4. You've got to love the way Itzturis has played. His defense is smooth and he's a very patient hitter at the plate (especially for how young he is).

5. I was wrong on all five counts in my predictions from yesterday.

Tonight's Game In Arlington

Predictions for tonight's game:

1. GA has another good night as Showalter experiments with pitching around Vladimir.

2. Figgins is back in center and McPherson's back at third, the hammy having healed up.

3. The Rangers, demoralized by last night's extra-inning loss, fold up early and fall 9.5 games back in the AL West.

4. Jose Molina finally gets a hit this series.

5. Final Score: Angels 7, Rangers 3.

Garret Goes Granny

Five observations about yesterday's game:

1. There is no better clutch hitter in the game than Garret Joseph Anderson.

2. Figgins' defense is greatly improved, and it saved yesterday's game for the Angels.

3. Kenny Rogers looked a bit like a pussy, sitting there watching the game, apparently comfortable, not so much as a band-aid on his injured NON-THROWING hand. Look for Rogers to be dealt by the trade deadline.

4. Kennedy, defensively, is every bit as good, if not better, than Bret Boone. It's finally time for AK to take home a Gold Glove.

5. This torrid stretch has lulled the Angels into believing that the acquisition of a DH is not necessary. Don't look for the Angels to make any moves by the trade deadline.